Friday, 21 August 2015

Keep Your Car Shining Like New With These Simple Exterior Car Care Tips

Who doesn’t like a sleek car shining as if it were brand new? A well-maintained car says loads about its owner. Besides, with regular care and maintenance of its exteriors, not only does it strike the perfect first impression but also earns a longer life and better value. If you treat your car like your ‘first love’ or your ‘baby’, here are a few simple tips to keep it shining in tip-top condition:

Friday, 21 August 2015

Choose Your Car Insurance Provider Carefully in Australia

In this era of packaging, presentation and hype, anything and everything that is sold in the market is promoted by highlighting its virtues and hiding its vices, so to speak. As you try to shortlist a car insurance provider you need to bear this in mind. Typically, most Australian car insurance companies may have tie-ups with low-bidding smash repair companies. The damaged cars are sent to these companies, who in turn ‘fix’ them using cheap and poor quality spare parts and mediocre service. Therefore, while looking at the benefits of a car insurance provider, it is important to verify whether the “claims” that your insurance provider sells you, holds true at the actual time of your smash repair claim.