Professional spray painters

At Atlas Motor Body Works our aim is to minimise the frustration of an already unpleasant situation by assisting customers through the claims and repair process from start to finish. From the moment you call Atlas Motor Body Works to the time you come to collect your car we aim to exceed your expectations, that’s the Atlas difference. Professional spray painters.

The dedicated team at Atlas Motor Body Works are fully qualified across a wide range of skills, technology and techniques, with the added convenience of having all this knowledge and ability under one roof.

Our staff have been with us between 15-20 years and more recently Jack’s two sons Pierre and Vick and daughter Natalie have joined the team.

Strict Staff Training

To ensure our staff are kept at the forefront of their fields Atlas Motor Body Works see themselves as a “learning organisation”. This entails continual education and an innovative approach.

Some training, to maintain our skills base and keep staff up to date in their area of expertise, includes:

  • Study and training sessions – in Australia and overseas
  • Procurement of operating and procedures manuals
  • Demonstrations in equipment, materials and repair methods by manufacturers trainers
  • Attending conferences and seminars
  • Training programs
  • On site + off site
  • Performance management
  • Staff involvement in the ideas, equipment evaluation, system improvements and final selection process

On site programs are set up to assist employees with equipment and process updates & methods. A training program with a major paint company whose facilities are at our disposal for off site training.

We are totally dedicated to our internal apprentice and trainee training with personal trainers, group training, external specialist training, ie: employees attending management, painting, welding, manufacturer specific courses etc.